The Business of the Biz


This is a full day workshop for writers with representation and without who understand that knowledge is power in protecting your IP and in building healthy relationships with creative partners. It's for Indie Producers looking to know where to begin to find creative ways to build deals with creators or IP owners that protects everyone and creates forward momentum.

Using film clips and real life materials, we explore the process of making and selling. We talk about being ready contractually and emotionally to walk into collaborations. Clarity in the contract space allows for a happy collaboration and creativity.

In a perfect world, every filmmaker would have representation. But, we know the world isn't perfect or we wouldn't have to make movies and tv shows. Lisa's philosophy is that arming yourself with knowledge while you work to find the right team means that when opportunity crosses your path you aren't left completely unprotected or stalled.

But, even if you have representation, it's your name on the contract and your seat in the chair. Understanding as your reps are negotiating and knowing what you are signing helps you to free up creativity when it counts. Agents will always prefer an informed client.

Lisa makes sure the learning and empowerment is fun. And remember, as the saying goes, "They don't call it show "business" for nothing...."