words from those who have found their voice, their missions, their stories

...this class digs so much deeper than I even expected, and more than delivers on the promise to help find your authentic voice. Throughout the course, Lisa has been immensely generous with her time, resources and extensive knowledge and wisdom and truly helped me find themes that have followed me throughout my life and get back in touch with my authentic self.


Perfect for artists who are at a turning point in their careers, or anyone looking to gain focus and confidence personally and professionally.


Rachel H.

This class will definitely get you out of your comfort zone and challenge you at your core.


Lisa, is the storytelling wrangler. She encourages and pushes you to “dig deeper” with a ton of seemingly simple questions when you’re telling a story. Her approach to teaching is direct and unfiltered but it comes from a place of love. Her pressure helped me shine like a diamond.... I am forever grateful.


Porscha S.

From a business owner:

I'm sending you this email to express how happy and grateful I feel for meeting you and working with you. I learned so much about how our brain works when we hear a story, and also the specific skills we must develop to be able to communicate in this way.

Thank you for letting me discover how fun and interesting is to write my story! or stories! Thank you for making my brain explore those creative spots I did not know I had. And regarding the business perspective, I now see how story telling can be an asset.

Deborah C

Lisa created a safe space with her nurturing guidance, useful challenges, and inspiring spirit. I received more from the class than I could have imagined! I became less anxious when I shared stories, and our classes were filled with laughter and tears. I grew emotionally as she included innovative exercises to discover our authentic voices. At our final storytelling event, I can honestly say that it felt amazing and powerful to share my story in front of a crowd. I never thought I'd be able to say that.

As a bonus, I am forging a new path for my work. I highly, highly recommend this class with Lisa as a truly master teacher.

Traci S.

It was an emotional journey, but I have gained so much personally. I have a new sense of myself, I have new friends that I never expected to make...Lisa you are a game changer. You push us even when don’t think there is anything left. One of the most important things I learned in this class is we all have stories to tell.

Andrew C.

I’ve become more confident within myself and I take less bullshit from people and I’m learning to speak my mind more. Which is something I was afraid to do until now.

Renata P.