Mission Statement

A mission statement should be intentional. It should be specific. It isn't about what you DO. It's about who you ARE.

It's a single sentence that tells the world what you stand for and who or what you serve.



Whether you are an individual, a business, or a non-profit trying to make sense of the choices in front of you, a mission statement acts as a guidepost on your journey. Knowing your current mission helps you to evaluate opportunities, relationships, and choices.

It gives you a system that ask: Is this choice in alignment with my mission?

 Getting to that sentence requires some hard choices and also getting down to the nitty gritty of your belief system and values. Through a series of exercises in our two day workshop, you will evaluate, eliminate and look deep to get to those core systems, values and beliefs.

 Many people worry that committing such specific words and ideas to paper locks them into something forever. If you are someone who has lots of ideas and things you want to accomplish, that may paralyze you! Ask us how we know about that fear! Rest assured, your mission for right now does not have to be your mission forever. It will change as you grow and as your current mission sees fruition. But, after learning with us how to identify your mission statement, you'll be able to re-evaluate when it calls to you to do so.


Your mission may be about creating community micro locally around you or getting clear on your family dynamic and priorities. Or it may be about changing the world on an international scope. There is no "right size" for a mission statement. But, what it means to have one is that you are walking purposely through your life, business, or service organization. Any mission which you are purposely and intentionally pursuing has value. The more specific, the more helpful.

If you are interested in working out your mission statement, please contact us or see our page about upcoming Mission Statement Workshops near you. If you'd like to put together a group of 4 or more and host a Mission Statement Workshop, please connect with us. We'd love to come to you!