STORY has been at the center of Lisa’s career from the very beginning.

After earning a degree in literature from Bethany College and a postgraduate certificate from The Harvard Publishing Program, Lisa found herself surrounded by story, literally, in the book crammed, third floor walk up of The Elaine Markson Literary Agency in the West Village of New York City.

There she represented novelists and non-fiction writers, from the award winning Irish poet/novelist Evelyn Conlon to the 60’s icon Abbie Hoffman. She began her first steps towards movies by working on such prestigious projects as BEACHES, ARTICLE 99, and made an incredible four-picture deal for a screenwriter client at LARGO.

Given her success, it was inevitable that in 1991 she would be asked to open the doors to the Markson Agency’s west coast office. From her unusual position with access to both books and film properties, she was also able to contribute to large seven-figure book deals like Donald Spoto’s MARILYN MONROE biography.

In 1993, Lisa decided to open up her own shop, the Lisa Callamaro Literary Agency, in Beverly Hills. Driven by her passionate approach to the development of writers’ voices, she helped to launch new, exciting and even controversial writer and directors into Hollywood including, Ryan Murphy, Philip Eisner, Eric W. Singer, Glenn Gers, Gail Gilchrest and Malcolm MacRury. The stories included many star driven films such as LEGALLY BLONDE (Reese Witherspoon), FRACTURE (Ryan Gosling), MAD MONEY (Queen Latifah), MUTANT CHRONICLES (Thomas Jane), CRASH & BURN (Luke Kirby), EVENT HORIZON (Laurence Fishburn), FEMALE PERVERSIONS (Tilda Swinton), STILL BREATHING (Brendan Fraser), ZOS (Lolita Davidovich), THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE (Mel Gibson) and MY DOG SKIP (Kevin Bacon).

In 2018, realizing the best way to pursue stories and storyteller’s voices in all the ways that she wanted, Lisa opened up a management and production company, Story & Voice, naming it after the two things that attract her towards the artists she manages and the projects she takes on. In addition, she also consults and teaches non-profits, entrepreneurs, and corporations storytelling and mission statement creation to help them find their voices, as well.

Lisa is a board member, Founding President, and ‘mentor’ for CineStory Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping emerging voices in the film industry. Since 2014 she has also been teaching a class at CSUDH that she created, called Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, which culminates in a personal storytelling event open to the public. It is part of an initiative she co-founded there called “Hollywood By The Horns.”

Inspired by those she works with, Lisa tells her own stories as a photographer whose work has been included in exhibitions, as well as published in magazines and books. Her favorite thing to do is to combine her camera with exotic travel and adventure